Nov 082012

On Wednesday I attended and took photos of my first soccer game. It was quite a challenge!

Under the lights of the stadium I thought it would be similar to taking photos at a football game but it was quite different. In football, most of the time the game marches from one end of the field to the other so you can anticipate where the action will be headed and plan accordingly. With soccer the action moves back and forth constantly. I ended up just setting up in different positions and waiting for the action to come into range.

My poor little F/4.0 70-200 lens was pushed to the limit as is evident in the photos. I had to push the ISO to 1600 and shutter speed of 250 to get enough light for the photos. The high ISO meant lots of noise introduced into the photo and the low shutter speed meant that many photos have some motion blur. The F/2.8 lens would have allowed me to bump my speed up to 500 but would knock my wallet for a loop. I am just glad that Lightroom can do wonders with the raw images and pull out the details in the shadows.

I will have to try making it to a daytime game next time to see if I can get some better shots. Still, it was quite interesting to watch the game from the sideline and try to capture the action.

Photos: Girls Soccer – Kamiakin vs Mercer Island (177 Photos)

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Now back to processing Cross Country photos…